P.A.T Testing

We offer P.A.T testing for checking of electrical goods used in public places i.e: shared accommodation, offices and retail….

Full Re-Wiring

A  full re-wire is usually part and parcel with a  total refurbishment of a property. We also advise for a full re-wier if the electrics in a property are dated.

General Electrics

General electrics can range from new spot lights being installed to a change of plug sockets or a new chandelier being hung your dining room.


Fault finding

There can be many reasons why certain plug sockets are not working or why at a switch of a button all the electrics in a house can trip our job is to identify and resolve the problem or make recommendations.

CCTV Installation

Fire & Smoke Alarm Installation

Fire and smoke alarms are a must, we advise all our clients to have them installed and working correctly. There is a variety of different fire and smoke alarms for different buildings ; our job is to help our client choose the most suitable for their property and install it according to the latest regulations and requirements.